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ws-alerts.com - an informational financial resource that provides complete information about the CFD market , which allows to read the news , analyze and monitor changes in the financial markets . Since January 1, 2015 ws-alerts.com launched an information product CFD trading signals , allowing the trader to trade more effectively and efficiently.

Full access to CFD trading signals ws-alerts.com have only subscribers ws-alerts.com

Neither ws-alerts.com nor Suppliers quotations , under no circumstances be held liable to the user ( and / or any third party ) for any lost profits or lost opportunity , indirect, special, incidental or warning damages, even if ws-alerts.com has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Trading CFD Alerts (signals) ws-alerts.com is provided for informational purposes only , and are only an additional tool allows traders to better and more quickly assess the trend of the CFD market.

Investors / traders should make their own investment decisions based on information on the site and materials obtained by subscription only as a means for making informed decisions.

CFD trading signals from ws-alerts.com distributed to professional CFD market participants .

Investors / traders are not professional CFD market participants should take additional consultation before making investment decisions.

Investors / traders in the law during the term of the subscription to refuse further service provision Trading CFD Signals ws-alerts.com for this application should write to the postal address signals@ws-alerts.com specifying the subscriber's personal data and the reason for the refusal. After processing your application, you will be paid a residual amount of your account in the trader's cabinet.

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