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Question: I would like to give a more delaited explanation about wait confirm. I think that i have to wait 15 minutes for the candle to close higher than the bye or sell price. this active applys for the first candle or for thenext do not apply? Thanks !!!

Answer: If you now begin trade WS Stocks strategy and you see wait confirm alert, try not trade this alerts. As rule we wait while price will be higher of this price and will closed in higher price alert. This case we save your money when market falling. Example below:

Another example on screen painted square with wait confirm alert, and set point, when it alert can (and need) start to trade. +7 pips closed profit for 20 min in trade on GE30 5433 Alert (confirmed alert).

Question: Please give example how to trade confirmed alert. We have good trades but we want examples with profits.

Answer: Example how trade confirmed alert for DowJones :) 17 pips ($30) per 30 minutes.

CFD Trading it is stocks trading and indecies stocks with leverage. Usually leverage about 1:100, but exists brokers who give leverage about 1:300. Please not confused CFD trading with forex trading !!! It is not equals processes. Using CFD Trading system you can stable earning 20-40% per month with risk less 1% in deal. On screens and video money was earned and result was confirmed.

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